Expenses Logger to capture expenses digitally and tag to client.  Built for the iOS platform this app allows you to store a photo of the receipt and log details of the expense. 


I am an IT expert with 20+ years experience in the IT sector.  18 Years ago I started to build systems for people who wanted to automate and improve the efficiencies within their business.  Having an all round understanding of IT and development I can advise and guide clients and deliver their expectations in a cost effective way using all areas of IT

Bespoke systems developer who has delivered systems to various types of businesses from single employee deployments to companies with over 250+ employees.  I specialise delivering systems that minimise repetitive tasks you may have within your day to day operations and giving you valuable time back.

In today's market you could ask why have a bespoke system as to an off the shelf one.  Most off the shelf systems do deliver great value for money but usually fail in one essential area.

Therefore bespoke systems fit to your need and can integrate with established business systems you already have.  The end result is a system and workflow requirements delivered as you want it to be.

Sample Solutions



Gary is a highly technical manager with the passion and drive to see any project through, his out of the box thinking has been the major driving force in one of the country's most loved UK retail business. 

I would highly recommend Gary and hope to continue to work with him for many years to come.


Kieran Saunders 

Senior Business Solutions Consultant FileMaker International


Just spoke and helped at the Reading University FileMaker training event. Great feedback from the attendees. Can't wait for the next event.


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